Modest Fashion Trend in the UK

Here Is Why Modest Fashion Trend Is Taking the UK Fashion Industry by Storm

With the ever-flourishing fashion industry and the steady stream of innovative ideas that keep fuelling it, it would not be irrational to think about the dominancy of skin revealing clothes. As a matter of fact, revealing clothes have always been considered a symbol of the fashion statement. However, the tables are turning now, and an unprecedented trend is taking over the UK fashion industry.

Yes, that’s true. Modest fashion is taking the UK fashion industry by storm. In fact, if you search across google about modest fashion, Google displays almost 150m results. Similarly, Pinterest says that searches for modest fashion on their platform have seen an increase of 500% in the UK only. It shows how modest fashion is generating ripples across fashion fibre in the UK.

Interesting, isn’t it? But the question is, what do we refer to when we say “modest fashion” and why it is becoming so popular? Let’s cast a glance.

So, What Does Modest Fashion Really Mean?

There are plenty of ways to describe modest fashion. In general, modest fashion is used to refer to the type of clothing that conceals the skin as well as the shape of the body.

So, modest clothes are those clothes which are used for adequately covering the body without compromising on style. That does not mean that modest clothes are very simple. Rather many modest dresses are even fancier than other clothes.

Some of the clothes that come under the heading of modest fashion are burqas, hijabs, scarves, long sleeves, tops, jackets and trousers. Since modest fashion offers an out-of-the-box solution to women looking for something unique, it is quickly becoming the fastest growing trend across Europe and especially in the UK.

Modest fashion enthusiasts believe that what you conceal holds more importance than what you reveal. This philosophy is gaining a lot of currency, and many women have started realizing the importance of not showing a lot of skin without any reason.

How Modest Fashion Made Its Way to The Western Clothing Industry?

Initially, it was considered that fashionable modest clothing was only for religious women. Due to cultural or religious reasons, many women chose to wear decent clothes. This need gave birth to new ideas in the modest fashion industry, and many designers started designing modest garments to fil the gaps.

The rise of social media also played a vital role in the promotion of modest clothing. When these clothes were modelled and marketed on social media platforms by modest fashion bloggers, western women started taking an interest in fashion trends like middle eastern and Islamic clothing. This way, modest fashion found a boost and started turning many heads.

Noticing this, many western designers also started designing modest clothes. And today, you can find modest clothing range at almost all prominent boutiques across the UK. Modest clothing is not seen as a religious or cultural thing anymore. Women see it as a new fashion trend which provides them with a unique look they always craved for. Not only this, but this fashion genre is also turning into a multi-billion dollars market. No kidding!

How Much Is the Modest Fashion Industry Worth?

Despite being comparatively new in the western market, modest fashion has been popular among countries such as Middle Eastern states as well as some other notable Islamic countries. It means that this industry was already flourishing before hitting up the European markets.

According to an estimate by the State of the Global Islamic Economy, modest fashion market will be worth more than £226bn in the year 2020. This enormous number is evident that modest Islamic fashion is thriving by leaps and bounds. If it goes on like this, it will not take very long before modest fashion garments’ revenue overcomes others in the UK.

It is pertinent to answer another crucial question here which many women are facing these days. Especially when a secular or non-religious woman thinks about buying a modest garment, the following question rings bells in her mind.

Is Modest Fashion Only for Religious Women?

If this question were asked 20 years ago, the most probable answer would have been in affirmative. However, that is not the case anymore. In today’s world, fashion is not a property of a particular religious, social or ethnic group, and modest clothing is no exception.

For non-religious women who do not feel comfortable showing their skin, modest clothing is a blessing. Also, the #Metoo movement has inspired women to cover their body more than before. Modest fashion has allowed women to be proud of who they are and not care about what people might think. This way, the modest fashion trend is becoming equally popular among non-religious women as well. So, the answer is that modest fashion trend is all-inclusive and caters to the requirements of every woman without any discrimination. Sounds perfect, eh?

Where to Get These Modest Fashion Garments?

Now that you know all the distinguishing and superior qualities of modest fashion garments, you must be wondering where to find them before they get out of stock. Well, the good news is that many stores are stocking their warehouses up with these garments owing to the mind-blowing rise in their popularity.

And if you live somewhere far from the commercial area, you can always find reliable online stores to find the perfect fit for you. Buying from an online store assures that you go through the collection at your ease and decide to order after ample time of contemplation.


At this point, it is evident that fashionable modest clothing is the next big thing in the UK’s fashion industry. Modest fashion options have given those women a sigh of relief who were fed up of the traditional western clothing and wanted to bring a revolution in their look.  Many modest fashion brands are coming into existence daily to cater to the increasing demands and to become a part of this multi-billion dollars industry.


When are you planning to shop your share of modest clothes? Let us know in the comment section below.